Clay Nickles

Your Guide

I'm 21 years old.  I have fished Cherokee lake since I was 10! I know the lake inside and out and I work hard to stay on top of the game! When I am not in class or studying, I am fishing or thinking about fishing.  In 2016, I kept a journal and I caught over 2200 stripers (under my watch on my boat).  In 2017 and 2018 I repeated this, and in 2019 plan on helping YOU catch fish in the process.

I will work as hard as anybody to make sure your day of fishing is successful.  I have a no fish, no pay guarantee.

On my boat, I respect EVERYBODY, and enjoy a great diversity of people's company.   I love engaging clients in conversation and learning about their lives.  The fellowship, to me, is as fun as catching fish.

You are allowed to bring a cooler of drinks (water, pop, beer), because I am the driver, I do not drink, but I do ask for you to remain respectful and polite!  I reserve the right to end the trip when people become damaging and disruptive. I have never had this problem and i do not for see this being an issue, simply because you will be too busy catching fish to drink :) !


Brian Nickles

My father is an excellent fisherman. He has lots of Striper fishing experience under his belt as well! I have 100% confidence in his abilities.  Some trips he will be my Co-Captain and he will do trips for me as-well when I am booked up (on the weekends when he does not have work) When things get hectic, and 3+ fish are on at the same time, an extra set of hands on the boat is an excellent thing!  When he tags along, more lines can be baited in a faster fashion! His trips are the same deal as mine, with the same NO FISH NO PAY GUARENTEE. Brian did 37 trips last summer and did not disappoint on one single trip out. He can catch fish with the best of them, and we are no able to do large party trips with his 20 foot sea-ark fishing machine boat!



Cherokee Reservoir, Tennessee, USA




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