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I am a licensed guide in East Tennessee.  I primarily fish Cherokee Lake for Striped Bass,Hybrid Striped Bass, and Smallmouth Bass.  I guide from March through August (when I am not attending school).  I will target other species such as black bass if requested by the client. I offer a NO FISH NO PAY GUARANTEE.

I believe in fishing chaos and client satisfaction

East Tennessee offers some of the best fishing in the world.  Cherokee Lake is right in the heart of it.  Cherokee Lake not only has beauty, but it is loaded with Striped Bass-one of the strongest freshwater fish in the world. You are one phone call away from not only getting to experience the sights and sounds, but getting to wrestle with the legendary Striped Bass.

Clay Nickles Guided Fishing

A fishing trip with me is in God's country- Cherokee Lake

I will guarantee two things:

I will work 110% for your satisfaction

I have a NO FISH NO PAY policy and if we have an unsuccessful day you will not owe me a dime. In there years of full time guiding on Cherokee, this occurrence has yet to happen, but just in case it does, you the client have an awesome safety net that no other guide on the lake offers and broadcast loudly!!! 

 I am fully licensed and insured.  We are ready to go!

Call me now so you can get in on the action and reserve a spot during Peak Fishing Season. Weekend dates will go first, but if I have to I will do 2, 3, and even 4 and I said 4 trips to make sure you get on the water!!! Afternoon, mid day, morning, evening, night, the fish are going to bite!!!


Morning Trips: 6 hours or until a limit
$350 for 2 adults

$50 for each additional up to 5 total

Afternoon Trips: 4 hours or until a limit

$300 for 2 adults

$50 for each additional up to 5 total

*Children 12 and under do not count as additional individuals


Call me--- 606-634-8998

Call me anytime!  If I miss your call I will call you back ASAP

I am doing guided fishing trips in the month of March, May, June, July and August of 2020.​​

Call me to check my availability!    Dates are booking up fast! I will be working on booking evening trips after all my mornings fill up.  Call me and I will make it happen for YOUR schedule.

About Me

I am 22 years old.  I have fished Cherokee Lake since I was a young boy.  I have learned the Lake from great fishermen, and from my dad and grandpa.  I have been taught many life lessons while fishing on this Lake. I have also learned how to utilize my fishing skills to catch the most fish possible for a given scenario.  I give every fishing trip my all, and do everything in my power to make sure that when people exit my boat, they are SMILING.  For every hour I fish, I put 2-3 hours in preparation.  Preparation for a day's fishing includes catching bait, maintaining poles, and scouting for the next day.

I like to have successful days when I guide.  I like for my clients to catch a bunch of fish.  I like fishing chaos, and what I mean is I like my clients to double and triple up.  When multiple rods are bending, and people are scrambling around my boat fighting multiple fish, I am in my happy place.

Here is a picture of some folks "Tripled Up" with 3 Stripers.  All these fish were 20 lbs. or more!

I will fish on all week days that I am available this summer.  Typically, most trips are from daylight--client satisfaction, or if people want, I'll do mid day trips, or even evening--dusk trips.  Last year I did a few night trips, and they were very successful.  I fish when the fishing is best, and will schedule our trip based on the best time in order to maximize client satisfaction and number of fish caught.

Clay Nickles Fishing




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What Are You waiting for

Birthday Parties

Best Buds


Let's make some Memories

Family Fun is Awesome

Memories for a Lifetime

Lets bend some rods and break some fish's jaw

Things to Know

*Buy a Tennessee Fishing License before boarding my boat

*I supply all fishing tackle and bait

*Apply sunscreen before boarding the boat (it is toxic to my bait)

*I have two rules: NO TOUCHING MY BAIT TANK and KIDS 14 AND UNDER MUST WEAR LIFEJACKETS AT ALL TIMES. Safety is the number one priority, and of course catching fish is #2!!

Bring any wanted snacks and drinks along!  I welcome you to bring a camera.  I will supply lifejackets.  If you bring a young child, and they have a favorite life jacket bring it along.

After you book a trip...

Stay in Beautiful Greenlee Campground!

The same marina I'm stationed in! 

After booking a trip with me, and you are from out of area, you will have to find a place to stay the night because a fishing trip typically starts at daylight!

When I guide, I stay at Greenlee.  My boat is stationed at Greenlee Marina!  When you stay at Greenlee, access to come aboard is as simple as walking down to the dock!

Greenlee Campground is a beautiful plot of land located on Lake Shore Drive on the north side of Cherokee Lake.  The owners are wonderful Christian people and maintain their campground with great pride!  It is a clean safe place to stay!

Greenlee offers cabin rentals for an over night stay, and their rates are MUCH more fair than hotels in the area.  Not to mention, if you stay at Greenlee, you are a couple minutes walk away from my boat (from the cabin down to the dock).  The closest hotel is about 20 minutes away!

Here is the link to book a cabin at Greenlee:




Call the main office to book cabin today!



Toll Free: (877) 828-8501


They have 5 rental CABINS  that rent for $85/night except Cabin #2 which is $60/night and offer:


  • 3 AMENITY BATHROOM (Sink, Toilet & Shower)

  • KITCHEN with Refrigerator, Stove w/oven, Sink, Coffee Pot, Cookware, Dishes and Utensils.  Cabin #2 does not have an oven.

  • Full/Double BED in all.  (The second bed is different in each of the cabins.  Cabin #1 also has a full sleeper sofa.  Cabin #2 has a single bunk over the full bed.  Cabins 3-5 also have two bunks.)


  • YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN Linens and Toiletries, i.e. Sheets, Blankets, Towels, Soap,Toothpaste.

  • Reservations are recommended.

    We accept DISCOVER, MASTERCARD & VISA as well as cash.

    All rates and times are subject to change.  Total rental amount is subject to TN Sales Tax.


Cherokee Reservoir, Tennessee, USA



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